Music is a gift that wears two hats. Both for the performer and listener. This connection is revealed to anyone that expereinces Dizzy Woosh.

Since its rise from the Rust Belt ruins and back woods of Western Pennsylvania; Dizzy Woosh has crafted a modern rock sound that embodies the raw, gritty everyman hubris of its roots.

The band finds themselves realizing a new sound that could have grown up on a genre farm with musical creatures like Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Ween and the Flaming Lips.

Dizzy Woosh is a humble and happy group of versitale musicians with an attitude of gratitude.

The six crayons in the Woosh box have been making their mark on the tie died tapestry of Rock and Roll for over ten years.

Dizzy Woosh’s sound is pure and infectious – a new experience with every song.

Johnny Lager’s voice takes you by surprise from the start… strong and soulful; it fearlessly scales the heights and mines the depths of both soul and spirit. His rhythm guitar is the perfect musical compliment to The Woosh’s groovy vibe.

Danny Llama uses his bass and backup vocal to create a subtext that travels hand-in-hand with Lager’s voice, like an old friend who can’t help but finish the thought.

Brad’s percussion acrobatics, harmonica and harmonies are the glue that binds the rhythm section of Dizzy Woosh while Mike’s Drumming drives the treefunk beat from back to front and side to side.

Eric’s E-Rocking, delicious guitar licks zoom throughout the mix and add a rock and roll swagger to the Woosh’s sound.

Rounding out the mix is Chance’s Accordion/Synth madness as it intertwines with his powerfully unique vocals to produce a sound that is very much Dizzy Woosh and not at all like anything else ever….Just Woosh.. real crispy, tasty…WOOSH!